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Unique shape and function mimics the natural mother’s womb, helping newborns stay asleep longer. It is incredibly versatile since you can take this hammock anywhere. It also has a natural, flexible and breathable mesh designed to promote a healthy environment. Scroll down to read reviews. 


About the product: 

  • CREATE AN IDEAL MICROCLIMATE - Soothes colicky babies better than baby bassinets and cradles. Breathable mesh helps maintain an even temperature.
  • AN EASIER TRANSITION – Unique shape and function mimics the natural mother’s womb helping newborns self-soothe and stay asleep longer. Outside of a parent’s arms, this baby hammock is the safest place for your baby.
  • REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH EARLY INFANCY - by using a natural, breathable, flexible, mesh we have designed our system to promote a healthy environment, regardless of a baby’s movement or positioning.
  • NO ADDED CHEMICALS - Naturally flame-retardant and stain resistant, this unique bassinet bed contains no added chemicals, keeping your baby safe and sound asleep.

Product Size: 116cm x 74cm
Package Size: 7.87in x 7.87in x 3.94in
Package Weight: 0.50kg (1.10lb.)
Note: Velcro not included 

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